Overall,  the usual light for campground camping has ever been gas-powered lanterns with glass windows. These are usually bulky, hot to the touch and, as well, noisy.  However, it puts out a bright, warm light that seems to last forever; campers have liked that in the past.

These reliable lanterns are still available. But recent advances in LED lighting now provide you with many modern lantern choices. They are now light, bright and compact enough even to take backpacking, hiking, camping, or whatever your activity. This is really amazing the advances in camp lanterns.

So, let’s have a look at the basics of lanterns:  from electric to gas to candle powered models.

Electric Camp Lanterns:

Pretty well all battery powered lanterns these days use LED (light emitting diode) technology. People love the LED lamps because they have just so many advantages:

  • They have a long battery life
  • The light output is incredible with many choices
  • They are proven to handle rugged use
  • Also, they are quiet and exhaust free
  • As LEDs’ don’t have heat, they are perfectly safe around kids

Gas-Powered Camp Lanterns:

Conventional gas-powered lanterns can run on different kinds of fuel sources:

  • Liquid-fuel: Refillable white-gas/auto-gas tanks; fuel-efficient.
  • Propane: Refillable tanks; fuel-efficient.
  • Butane: Disposable canisters; compact; easy to use.

So, these lanterns offer a key advantage and that is light intensity. When you need to light up the entire campsite, you can’t beat the Lumens put out by a gas lantern.

Candle Camp Lanterns

These use 1 or more candles to produce a soft and natural light. To increase the light, reflectors can be used to maximize the relatively minimal glow.

  • Candles have a beautiful soft light.
  • And, there is no noise.
  • They have a warming, pleasant ambiance.
  • Perfect for close-up tasks.

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