Sleeping Pads

For getting a solid night’s sleeping in the great outdoors, we need sleeping pads that provide both cushioning and insulation for both comfort and warmth. Having a comfortable surface to sleep on is a pad’s most useful function. However, its ability to keep you warm throughout the night is often far more important.  There are three types of sleeping pads:

Air Pads:  Air pads are fabulously comfortable and, as well, lightweight. It is the most compact type of pad when packed. Most air pads are designed for backpacking or camping in warm conditions.  That’s about 3 R-value. Others are designed with additional insulation for four-season use. You are able to customize the firmness of the pad by releasing some air from the valve while you’re lying on it.

Self-Inflating Pads:  They’re very comfortable and compact. They have excellent insulation. You can adjust the pads firmness by adding or releasing air. They’re made with stronger fabrics than many air pads so are the perfect choice for children. Also, they don’t feel like they lose air at night.

Closed Cell Foam Pads:  These foam pads are lightweight, less expensive, durable and offer favorable insulation. You’ll never have to be concerned about punctures or leaks. A note that these are the only pads that can be carried on the outside of your backpack without fear of damage. They are also perfect in that they can also double as sit pads in camp.

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