Fishing Combos

Fishing Combos are an anglers best friend. Like most enthusiastic anglers, we cannot carry, store, or even afford a different rod and reel combo for every species of fish or method of fishing. The way to go instead, is choose an affordable, high-quality spinning rod and reel combo that will work in as many fishing situations and settings as possible. This would also include both saltwater and freshwater fishing.  So, a spinning rod and reel setup is helpful enough for a novice to learn on as well.  Yet it performs well enough for even a seasoned veteran to rely on.

More experienced anglers might be looking for a specific rod and reel. That might be apart from the size of the fish you’re targeting.  You’ll also have to take into account what kind of fishing you’ll be doing.  Will you be casting artificial lures? That is lures that look like fish or other prey with a hook attached. Or, will you be using bait? Like smaller fish, worms, or other natural prey; either alive or dead?

Most lure anglers will prefer a rod which is more stiff and made of graphite or mostly graphite.  This is so that they can work a jig or plug to imitate the movements of prey. While bait anglers might want a rod that’s a little bit looser or more sensitive.  This enables detection with the slightest strike. However, if you know you’ll be doing only one or the other, you should look into a more specialized setup.

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