Fishing Reels

Just remember when choosing fishing reels, it depends on the type of fish, and where you choose to go fishing will be the appropriate one.

Spincast Reels are popular and are chosen by inexperienced anglers. It is a kind of spinning reel with an enclosed spool. So it uses a rotating cup that winds line onto the spool. Simply put, it makes casting easy to do. Also, it prevents snarling and backlash which is usual in bait casting.

Spinning Reels are popular because of its versatility. It is certainly the best option for catching small to medium-sized fish like bass, redfish, and other small fishes. And, is used to cast many different kinds of tackle.  That would  include artificial lures and live bait. And, it goes without saying that it’s better to use when pitching and skipping under docks.  Also, the spinning reel is used everywhere in saltwater because of its ability to keep its resistance extremely well against a fish on a really light line.

Saltwater Fishing Reels have the internal gearing which is most definitely made of special alloys. So, these alloys are corrosion resistant. So, this makes this type of fishing reel best use during harsh conditions precisely when fishing in saltwater.

Bait Casting Reels are used by the experienced anglers and fishermen. It can be said, using this type of fishing reel takes a lot of patience, experience, and skill. And, it is used for better control and accuracy.

Trolling Reels are a form of angling where lines with hook rigged lures are dragged behind a boat to entice fish to bite.

Lever Drag Reels allows more direct drag manipulation when fighting a large fish.  There is a lot of drag surface on lever drags. So, this can be seen in the smoothness, durability and power of drag that this reel has.

Star Drag Reels do exceptionally well when fishing from the rocks or sand.  Precision and control over the drag which is very important, is the reason why other avid fishermen prefer using this reel.

Electric Reels  are now changing the way anglers’ fish. It now makes deep fishing much more fun.  It goes without saying, f you plan on catching large aquatic fishes like sword fish and tuna, then this is the very best reel for you.

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