Multi-Tools and Hatchets

There are quite a number of multi tools out there, as you know. An interesting find, is that you may be surprised to see that they’re all made by Leatherman. But you shouldn’t be surprised. Leatherman has for years been known as the undisputed king of multi tools! They are just simply unmatched! Remember when Tim Leatherman built his first multi tool and then created Leatherman Tools in 1983? Well, the Leatherman company has continued to update and make changes and has always demonstrated unrivaled quality. Who has ever seen a warranty like theirs?  It is a  25 year no questions asked warranty really says it all!  All you need is Leatherman.

So, in summary, there’s a reason this has been Leatherman’s most popular model for over a decade.  The design is ingenious, the quality is beyond outstanding and the value for money is unrivaled.

Multi tools can be kept in the kitchen and in the car glove box. And, anywhere your imagine will take one.

A hatchet is perfect for splitting small pieces of firewood and also chopping small branches from trees. Their small size lets you squeeze into tighter spaces and requires less back swing. Hatchets usually have a hammer head on the opposite side of the bit for striking occasions.

Also, the hatchet often times has a narrow head with a relatively small body. It has a large cutting blade. Furthermore, the hatchet is used for light chopping, such as small limbs or bushes. In addition, the shaft of a hatchet tends to curve or angle forward.  As a result, the head of the hatchet is roughly flush with the forward-most point of the lower handle.  Also, metal handles are quite common in hatchets.  It is ideal in that you can use a belt holster and you can carry a hatchet on your side. So, it is great that you can take a hatchet along wherever you may go.

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