Wood Stoves

Wood stoves have come a long way.  And, so we see today’s wood burning stoves are airtight and far more efficient that in past years.  They use 1/3 to ½ less wood than older styles. Furthermore, wood stoves have a lot less smoke and creosote today. Also, there is a lot more heat than a traditional fireplace.

Pellet Stoves burn small pellets made with biomass or recycled materials. These compressed pellets are made with wood waste. That means it is a fuel source, but doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

So, pellets do not produce creosote because they have a low moisture content. They burn clean. And, pellet stoves have a dry and comfortable radiant heat. There isn’t a heating system available for your home that gives off less pollution than a pellet stove. It is because of their smart design, the stoves have greater heat output than any other type of wood stove or fireplace.

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